Reliable Home Solutions provides affordable Recreational Park Models and RV Park Model Homes in California. We offer free consultations and design, as well as a turn-key, ready to use product. Our prices are very competitive, with many manufacturers under one roof! There are several applications we can build for: vacation homes, in-law quarters, housing for students... The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! We custom build to your specifications to ensure that you get EXACTLY what you want. Call us today and compare; our quality speaks for itself. We can also arrange for long-term financing, making it even easier for you.

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Access Compliant, ADA Compliant, Barrier Free, Recreational Park Model RPTIA Approved, ANSI Approved, CalRVIC Approved


Barrier Free, Recreational Park Models Available

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We provide affordable Vacation Cottages, "Mother-in-law" quarters, and Student Housing. Call us today for a quote.

Custom Home Design

Do you have certain needs that must be accomodated? Reliable Home Solutions can do that for you. Whether it's wheelchair accessibility, the need for extra sleep space, or maybe even just a preferred layout or design - we will work with you to make sure that you receive a unit that's right for you.


With units on the ground in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Arizona, we have the experience and connections to get your park model placed almost anywhere you'd like. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination - you could even use one as a houseboat!

Financing Solutions

Financing your park model is just as easy as buying a car or RV, Whether you go through your own bank or through one of our financing partners, we will work together to ensure that you find an affordable solution. We're a certified dealer with multiple banks, and long-term financing is available.

A few banks we work with:

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Reliable Home Solutions is offering Manufactured Housing and Recreational Park Model Lodging opportunities in the Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta
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Reliable Home Solutions is a Proud Member of RPTIA, of the Recreational Park Trailer Industry Asscociation.  The RPTIA emblem is on every Recreational Park Trailer made.