We became involved with Housing Twenty-two years ago. We entered into the relm of Premanufactured Housing products over ten years ago. We have done many different things: Rebuilt Neighborhoods; Created Food Shelters; even Created Jobs & Trained new Skill-Sets.

When we were asked to be a part of creating Student Housing in Davis, CA; we couldn't have been more pleased.  When we entered into negotiations we started with the concept of an "Affordable Housing Solution for Students", and Increasing Shareholders Value.  We finished the first set of our units in the end of June, and before the final touches were made (i.e. Deck Work, and Skirting) we were informed that they already had been commited to renters.  

We are glad to be a part of something that is bigger than ourselves. Big thanks go out to the interested parties, for entrusting their shareholders and the pocketbooks of students to Reliable Home Solutions.

Our mission is to provide "Affordable Housing." We have achieved our goals by utilizing the efficiencies of the Manufactured Housing and Modular Housing Industry. This has enabled Reliable Home Solutions to offer; Vacation Cottages, Mother-in-Laws Quarters, and Second Homes to our customers at an affordable price. We would be happy to assist you with your housing needs.

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